Why the Greens Steel Coffee Cup is the Best Travel Tumbler

coffee lovers, meet your ultimate travel MUG.

If there's one thing most coffee lovers have in common, it's a busy schedule. And what better beverage exists to help you feel energised and full of vitality for your jam-packed day? 

Coffee just makes sense... But, this also means a portable coffee cup that lets you caffeinate on the go is essential! 

Enter the Greens Steel Travel Coffee Mug:  A unique drinking vessel that single-handedly solves all the problems modern coffee lovers face.

From its space-saving features and leakproof seal so you can stash it in your bag when you're done; to the espresso machine-friendly design that lets the barista at your local café whip up your favourite coffee creation, this travel-friendly coffee cup really has thought of everything.

And we didn't even mention the integrated flip-up handle that lets you carry your coffee without the risk of spilling - even if you’re juggling lots of stuff and all you have is a couple of fingers free for carrying!

But these aren't the only reasons why you’ll love this game-changing coffee companion...

Here’s how the Greens Steel Coffee Cup excels above all others, solving the most common coffee dilemmas and putting convenient caffeination right at your fingertips:

Why It's Supreme



If you checked out our recent Tumblers vs Coffee Mugs guide, you’ll know that each of these drinkware designs have their unique perks and different functions. But what if you want the best of both worlds in your travel drinkware?

Meet the Greens Steel Reusable Coffee Mug. We designed this innovative vessel to bridge that gap; and it effortlessly blurs the lines between mug and tumbler to bring you the ultimate coffee sipping experience!


Featured: The Reusable Coffee Mug by Greens Steel

This double-duty drinkware combines the best parts of a traditional tumbler: A large capacity, easy-to-hold shape, and superior temperature retention to keep your drink hot or cold for hours on end.

But we didn't stop there. Next, we added the ultimate features you demand from the best travel mugs: A compact design, built-in handle, and a robust 100% leak proof lid for ultimate peace of mind.

Pro Tip:  With its versatile tumbler-like features and an ingenious built-in handle that technically makes it a mug, this Coffee Cup is the ultimate blend for drinkware bliss.

Easy to Carry, Sip & Store 

Innovative carry Handle Lid

First things first, let’s talk about this handle! When designing the ultimate travel coffee cup, compact design was a big factor; which meant a bulky handle on the side was out. 

But easy carrying was also crucial, because when you’re taking your coffee on the go, it usually involves juggling a few items in your hands...

So, we came up with the perfect solution for streamlined sipping and storage - and solved both problems with a nifty handle lid!

The Greens Steel Coffee Cup combines two amazing functions, integrating a built-in handle on the lid that folds up and down when you need it.

For sipping and storage, the folding handle tucks away neatly on the side of the lid and clicks securely into place.

Then when you’re on the go, just flip up the handle for easy carrying - even if all you have free is one finger! 

Pro Tip:  This compact, multi-function design lets you toss your cup in your bag, carry it by the handle between sips, and stack it easily in your kitchen cupboard. Problem solved!

Clean Up’s a Breeze

it's completely dishwasher safe!

Unlike many of its less-durable competitors, the Greens Steel Reusable Coffee Cup is designed for life. Busy everyday life, that is - which includes being easy to clean!

Both the lid and cup are completely dishwasher safe, easy to disassemble, fast-drying, and they clean up with minimal effort - hooray! 

With a quick trip through the dishwasher or an easy handwash in the sink, this super durable coffee companion will be sparkling clean and ready for tomorrow’s coffee duty. 

Pro Tip:  Discover just how easy it is to get these cups and lids squeaky clean in our handy care guide, How to Clean Reusable Coffee Cups.

Moves With You

It Fits in Any Cup Holder

Coffee on the go means you’ll likely be traveling in some sort of vehicle, so designing a perfectly proportioned cup that fits into cup holders was essential. The slim base design of the Greens Steel Coffee Cup perfectly fits any standard cup holder. 

Just like a regular takeout cup from your favourite café, this reusable stainless steel version is specially crafted so you can pop it in the cup holder in your car, RV, boat, or even enjoy a hot drink in the comfort of your favourite recliner chair or at the movies!

When compared to a travel tumbler, this travel cup mug and glass is made with less material and is one of the best reusable travel mugs in history.

Greens Steel Reusable Travel Mug

100% leak-proof travel coffee mug available in 350mL and 480mL, in three different colours. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


Say Goodbye to Spills & Leaks

100% Leak Proof Design

You’ll never need to worry about spilled coffee again with this cleverly-designed cup...

With its vacuum insulated screw-top lid and secure click-shut mouth spout, the Greens Steel Coffee Cup really seals the deal on spills and leaks.

Feel free to pop it in your bag once you’ve finished your brew with no risk of drips leaking out, and welcome ultimate peace of mind.

Furthermore, its narrow mouth spout is specially designed to deliver the perfect sip of coffee to your lips every time, avoiding splashes and spills when you’re on the go.   

Designed to Make Your Coffee Taste Better

Flavor-Boosting Sip Spout

Did you know that the shape of your cup and design of the sip spout can actually affect how your coffee tastes? Much like the importance of choosing the appropriate glass to best enjoy a fine wine, coffee cups are no different.

And with the Greens Steel Coffee Cup, every sip of your favourite brew will hit your palate in just the right spot for maximum deliciousness.

With its elegantly tapered sides, perfectly-weighted balance, and ideal tip angle as you lift the cup to your lips, it’s crafted for the ultimate flavor experience every time. 

Finally, we topped it off with a specially-designed sip spout that allows you to experience the delicate aromatics and richness of your coffee in all its glory. For the most satisfying brew, you can’t beat this beauty. 

Take Your Sip of Sizes

It’s Perfectly proportioned

Available in two handy sizes, the Greens Steel Coffee Cup brings you both of the coffee-focused capacities for all your caffeine needs. Not only that, but they're both specially designed to fit snugly under the espresso machine at your local coffee shop. Trust us, the barista will love you for it...

Say hello to the ultimate accessory for your midday java run, that also saves you money at all the café counters who discount when you bring your own reusable cup!

The 350mL version is perfect for standard lattés, cappuccinos, double espressos, cortados, and tall café brews with room for cream.

If you need a bit more caffeine to fuel your day, our larger 480mL version easily accommodates your favourite drip coffee, tea, or flavored grande latté. Plus, its large capacity holds plenty to power you through the longest errand runs. 

As you can see, picking your perfect coffee cup size is easy, the tricky part is deciding which delicious brew to sip from it first!


Large 480mL Capacity


Small 350mL Capacity


Premium Without the Price Tag 

Highest Quality Construction

Coffee lovers should never settle for second best, and the Greens Steel Coffee Cup delivers the very best quality you can buy - Without the hefty price tag you often expect for insulated travel tumblers.

Packed into this clever little coffee cup, you'll find all these premium features and more:

While tumblers are best for kicking back cold ones and mugs are better than tumblers when it comes to on-the-go lifestyles, they are both superior when compared to a plastic cup or drinking glass.


As explained in a previous guide, its double walled insulation keeps your hot or cold drinks at the ideal temperature for longer, and the cup stays comfortably cool in your hand. 


Crafted from the highest quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. Electropolished interior repels stains and rust, and it'll never taint your delicious coffee with a metallic taste.

While tumblers are best for kicking back cold ones and mugs are better than tumblers when it comes to on-the-go lifestyles, they are both superior when compared to a plastic cup or drinking glass.


With superior temperature retention, it keeps your coffee piping hot for up to six hours. For an even longer hot drink, try pre-heating your cup with boiling water before adding your coffee!

100% leak proof LID

Featuring a BPA free screw-on lid that's 100% leak proof, it's also equipped with a foldable carry handle that clicks into the side of the lid for convenient, compact storage and toting in your bag when not in use. 

While tumblers are best for kicking back cold ones and mugs are better than tumblers when it comes to on-the-go lifestyles, they are both superior when compared to a plastic cup or drinking glass.


Both the 12oz and 16oz sizes feature a slim, tapered base for a universal fit in all kinds of cup holders. Meet the coffee cup that truly moves with you.


Easy to clean, these durable coffee cups are 100% top-rack dishwasher safe. Or just give them a simple hand wash in the sink, it couldn't be simpler!

Greens' Tips: But that's not all these amazing cups can do! Check out the rest of their thoughtfully-designed features and grab yours here.



There's no denying the Coffee Mug by Greens Steel is a fan favourite, especially considering its massive number of rave reviews that keep growing by the day.

But don't just take our word for it: Over 682+ happy customers have rated it 5-STARS! 

So, what are you waiting for? See what all the fuss is about by grabbing yours below and experiencing the best travel tumbler for coffee that 2023 has to offer, for the very best price.

As you can see, we didn't leave a coffee bean unturned when designing this incredible travel tumbler!

It's guaranteed to elevate your coffee drinking experience so much , you'll never sip the same without it.

Grab yours today and discover a world of convenient, on-demand caffeination like no other.

Till next time, sip happy! 
Jenn | Greens Steel 

When compared to a travel tumbler, this travel cup mug and glass is made with less material and is one of the best reusable travel mugs in history.

Greens Steel Reusable Travel Mug

100% leak-proof travel coffee mug available in 12oz and 16oz in three different colors. Comes with a lifetime warranty.