Which Greens Steel Drinkware Is the Best Fit for You?

It’s no secret that staying hydrated, refreshed and caffeinated is super important if you want to enjoy a healthy and energetic life!

Whether it’s during sweltering summer months or in a dry winter climate, a hydrated body is a proven key to feeling incredible. But how do you know which style of drinkware is the best fit for your lifestyle?

Here at Greens Steel, we know that life never slows down, so having the perfect solution to take our drinks on the go is the secret to success…

You might be looking for just one bottle or cup to become your new hydration hero:

So whatever your daily life has in store, here’s our guide to choosing the best Greens Steel drinkware that's guaranteed to keep up with your lifestyle:

Everyday Hydration & Spill-Free Sipping

Need everyday hydration for school, work, or running errands? The Beast Tumbler is a top-tier choice for everything on your to-do list.

Each tumbler is made of stainless steel and features vacuum insulation, plus a splash proof lid to keep coffee, smoothies or protein shakes fresh and temperature controlled.

There’s no need to worry about your hot or cold beverage spilling out of your tumbler while taking it in the car, to the sports field, or the office.

Even better, our tumblers come with a cleaning brush and a free straw. With three sizes to choose from, there’s sure to be a Beast Tumbler perfect for your upcoming excursion.

Outdoor Adventurers

If you need something extra portable for hiking or time outdoors, good news – the Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the most reliable accessory you could ever throw in your backpack!

With active lifestyles in mind, there’s a strong focus on durability and functionality in their design.

Each bottle comes with a leak-proof lid and carabiner, so you can confidently toss it inside your daypack or clip it on the outside for hands-free hydration without losing the lid.

They’re infinitely scratch and dent proof, thanks to their diamond-tough exteriors. Available in 3 sweatproof colors including a sleek brushed silver or eye-catching powder coated finishes, you'll never lose these beauties in the wilderness.

Then, to select your ideal size, just match up your activity level and length of time you’ll be out with the range of ample bottle sizes. Maxxing out at a huge 750ml capacity, you can adventure confidently knowing your bottle will accommodate all the hydration you need for your day.

Trust the double-wall insulation to keep your drink protected from outside temperatures no matter how extreme, and the vacuum-sealed screw-on lid to prevent spills. Whether you’re off on a bike ride or tackling tough trails, this bottle will keep up every step of the journey.

Worry-Free Hydration for Kids

Kids love being independent, but we understand it can be tricky for little hands to unscrew bottle caps or hold bulky bottles without our help. They need a way to easily sip their juice, water, and other beverages, too!

That’s why we developed our specially-designed Bottles just for Kids. These compact, lightweight bottles provide a secure grip even in the tiniest fingers, and they feature the same high quality , BPA-Free materials and leakproof designs as our grown-up sized drinkware.

These clever kids’ bottles come with easy-sip caps: perfect for helping your child take a drink with or without a straw, depending on their preferences. Plus, they come in a range of bright colors so they can choose their favorite and feel a real sense of ownership in tackling their hydration!

Kicking Back & Relaxing

Sometimes you don’t need a bottle; just a good-looking, durable cup for casual sipping. You’ll never reach for a disposable plastic cup again once you discover the range of Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups!

Whether you’re hanging out at home, camping out, cooking a BBQ or having your mates over to watch the football, these indestructible cups are worth their weight in gold.

They’re made from the toughest stainless steel and come in a variety of sleek and fun finishes that fit any occasion. Available in 4 packs, in both 475ml or 600ml options, these hard-wearing cups let you stock up on shatterproof drinkware for the whole gang without breaking the bank.

Even better, these cups are made without any toxins or unnecessary plastics, so you can use them for years and protect your family’s health and the environment while enjoying the party.

Bottom line: no matter what type of drinkware you need, Greens Steel has the perfect cup or tumbler. Check out the other great stuff we’ve got today, for even more options that make your life easier and every sip of your drinks incredible!

Jenn | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor
Sheffield, UK


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