What is Powder Coating & Why is it a Game Changer on Drinkware?

What is Powder Coating, Exactly?

In a nutshell, powder coating is a protective and decorative finish that can be added to drinkware and other metal items.

Powder coating was first developed as an industrial treatment to toughen metals and weatherproof them for outdoor exposure.

But the food service industry wasn’t far behind in discovering the ways it can elevate drinkware to functional new heights.

The powder itself is a mixture of environmentally-friendly polymer resins, curing ingredients and pigments.

These are ground into an ultra-fine powder, ready to be sprayed and baked onto the surface of the metal.

Drinkware at Greens Steel such as our BEAST, Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Cups all undergo this special powder-coating treatment.

This results in each one having a food-safe, scratch-proof, smooth exterior. This fascinating finish ensures your drinkware will never lose its aesthetic appeal or long-term durability.


Powder coating is applied through an electrostatic process.

Without getting too technical, we can actually manipulate how charged particles are attracted to one another, then cause them to fuse and melt together under extreme heat.

When powder coating is done in a specialized oven, a chemical reaction occurs that effectively “cures” the powder and creates a super durable finish.

This process keeps with our commitment to eco-friendliness too, since it doesn’t require any harmful chemicals. In fact, powder coating is environmentally friendly from start to finish, since it doesn’t need to rely on chemical carriers or solvents.


Powder coating represents a revolutionary way to extend the lifespan of drinkware, and make stainless steel options a drinkware choice that’ll last you forever.

Each year, millions of tons of plastic and paper waste are dumped into the environment just from cups alone.

Many people striving to be more eco-friendly look for reusable drinkware to replace disposable cups.

Unfortunately, many of those other reusable cups get beaten up over time as they aren’t resistant to abrasions, corrosion, scratches and dents.

But not with Greens Steel! Powder coating allows us to produce high-quality, long-lasting drinkware that can replace disposable cups, full stop.

With powder coating, you can purchase a single stainless steel bottle, cup or tumbler from our store and have it last for years on end, even with heavy use.

IS POWDER COATING SAFE? What about in the dishwasher?

Absolutely! The great thing about powder coating is that it’s incredibly safe, both for our health and the environment.

Every single compound that’s used during the process is FDA-approved for food safety, as well as being non-toxic, recyclable and non-volatile for the planet.

You can put any powder coated drinkware into the dishwasher since the coating itself is super resistant to both peeling and cracking, even under extreme heat.

Additionally, we only coat the exterior of our drinkware with this powder coating, as the inside is electropolished stainless steel.

You’ll be getting colorful, great looks and durability on the outside, with pure 18/8 food grade stainless steel on the inside for a perfectly clean taste.


In the end, powder coating is just one of the ways we strive to offer environmentally sustainable products to our customers.

As powder coating offers unparalleled toughness, it's one of the elements that goes into each product to give us the confidence to back them with a lifetime guarantee.

This game-changer of a process has allowed us to bring durable, functional drinkware that’s environmentally focused to the masses. And you can take our word for it that it'll keep up with you on a lifetime's worth of adventures...

With our powder coated water bottles, cups and tumblers, you shouldn’t ever need to use a plastic water bottle ever again!

Join us in our mission to save the earth one piece of plastic at a time, and grab yourself some Greens Steel to see powder coating in action for yourself!

Justin | Greens Steel BEAST fan

Sheffield, UK


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