Switch On Your Best Self With Water

We all need to drink plenty of water, but far too few of us treat it like the elixir it really is! 

Water is a miracle worker for the body, and not simply because it’s missing all the additives and synthetic ingredients packed into most other beverages these days... It's also great to drink because staying properly hydrated provides your body with numerous benefits that make you feel incredible. 

Drink more water, and you’ll switch on your best self in more ways than one! Here’s 4 benefits you’ll unlock with a healthy, hydrated body:

4. Boosted Exercise Performance

Naturally, being hydrated means you’ll perform a lot better each time you hit the gym or go for a run. If you’re dehydrated, your muscles won’t perform as reliably, your body won’t be able to regulate its temperature, and you’ll feel much more fatigued.

All of this can combine to make exercise way harder than it needs to be. The reverse is also true; stay hydrated and you'll do better at the gym, resulting in a positive feedback loop that makes you more motivated to stick with your exercise regimen over the long term.

Plus, you can always keep plenty of water on hand for your exercise routines with a Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

3. Increased Cognition

Drinking water isn’t only great for the physical benefits. Indeed, drinking water can impact your cognition and bring functionality.

Fluid loss of as little as 1.6% can be detrimental to your working memory, as well as potentially cause you to feel more anxiety or fatigue throughout the day. There are several studies to this effect, confirming that cognitive function relies heavily on sufficient hydration in the brain’s cells.

Naturally, the effects on cognition from dehydration (and the benefits of proper hydration!) are even more impactful with both children and older adults.

So, if you’re collecting years under your belt and want to stay sharp in the braincase, drink more water!

2. Feel Better & Escape Headaches

You can’t be your best self if you don’t feel right. Fortunately, drinking water can help you feel better in more ways than one. Drinking water can:

  • Relieve constipation by facilitating a healthier digestive tract 
  • Prevent and/or treat headaches. Dehydration can often trigger headaches and even migraines in certain people 
  • Treat kidney stones, or prevent them from forming in the first place 
  • Stop you from experiencing the side effects of hangovers, which are very common after you drink any amount of alcohol

1. accelerated Weight Loss

Plenty of us could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Drinking water can assist in weight reduction efforts as proper hydration boosts your metabolic rate, and water fills up your stomach to make you feel less hungry too!

By increasing your metabolism, your body will burn through more calories on a daily basis, even if you do nothing to adjust your daily routine.

Of course, combine this with an excellent exercise regimen, and stay hydrated all the while, and you’ll get the benefits of both lifestyle changes at the same time!

Simply put, drinking water helps you feel and perform your best.

With all these benefits, there’s no reason not to grab a water bottle and start sipping today!

Jenn | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

Sheffield, UK


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