5 Reasons to Buy a Water Bottle for Work

Do you, like most of us, need to drink more water at work? There’s a simple solution to staying hydrated at work - find a water bottle that you love to keep you on track.

With a water bottle that keeps your water cool, helps you track how much you’re drinking and remind you to stay hydrated, they’re a great solution for those of us who struggle to drink enough water at work.

Here’s the top 5 reasons to buy a water bottle.

1. Boost your mood

Not only will having a snazzy water bottle by your side offer a mood boost, drinking water is also a great way to regulate your mood. Staying hydrated helps to calm your nerves and regulates the delicate dopamine and serotonin balances in the brain. Having a water bottle that you love will help you stay hydrated at work and boost your mood.

2. Decrease and regulate headaches

When you’ve got a headache, one of the most common causes can be dehydration. When the brain is dehydrated it shrivels and shrinks away from the skull which is the reason we can get dehydration headaches. Often we attribute headaches to more sinister causes, when in reality drinking more water could help rehydrate the brain.

3. Have a healthier energetic body

Drinking enough water helps your body maintain homeostasis which makes you feel healthier and more energetic overall. If you can’t figure out why your body feels tired and lethargic, it may be because you need to drink more water. Having a water bottle by your desk will help to remind you to drink enough and keep your body healthy.

4. Coffees are dehydrating

When we’re at work, drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee can really help focus the mind and get us through the long work day. However, the downside of drinking coffee is that it dehydrates you. For every coffee you drink, you’ll need to drink at least a cup of water to maintain the same levels of hydration, so having a water bottle at work is essential to top up your hydration after drinking coffee.

5. Maintain focus

Water helps us focus on tasks and keeps us concentrate, which is ideal when you’re at work! Maintaining your water levels is key to maintaining focus, so having a water bottle to hand can help you stay on top of your game at work. Water flushes toxins from the body and helps to keep our most vital thinking organ - the brain - hydrated.

Top tips to stay hydrated at work

Looking for more tips on how to stay hydrated at work? Here’s how...

Keep water at your desk

Having a water bottle at your desk that can keep your water cool will be beneficial if you’re trying to increase how much you drink. Stainless steel water bottles are particularly effective at keeping drinks cool, and are lightweight and eco friendly too!

Infused water and teas

If you’re not a huge fan of water but like flavoured drinks, then adding infusions to your water can help you stay hydrated even when you don’t want to drink straight water. Trying infusions and teas will boost your hydration whilst also enabling you to taste something new and delicious.

Hydration breaks

In the same way that we should stop for lunch and take a breather, stopping for hydration breaks are essential too. It’s important that we take time to go and fill up our water bottle in order to stay hydrated, and taking 5 minutes away from your desk is likely to have benefits for your mind and body too.

Eat hydrating healthy snacks

Cucumber, watermelon and lettuce are great snack foods to keep your hydration up without even drinking anything. These foods have a high water content and are able to keep you feeling hydrated.

Encourage employees to drink water

Employees should be encouraged to drink water as part of their wellbeing practice. Having a good water bottle for work will help employees to stay on track and remind them to drink enough throughout the day. Employers should remind employees to stay hydrated and remind them of the benefits for both the body and the mind.

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