How To Reduce Plastic Pollution With Stainless Steel

It’s no secret that plastic pollution is a very real and pressing issue in the world today. With a shocking 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans every year harming marine life, it’s of the utmost importance that we do whatever we can to help. That includes cutting out single-use plastics where we can and replacing it with more sustainable materials.

Luckily, there are many options available these days, from glass and bamboo to wood and stainless steel. But are these alternatives really any better? Will stainless steel be the way of the future? Well, we're here to tell you all of the benefits and how you can reduce plastic pollution with stainless steel.

Is stainless steel actually eco-friendly?

Stainless steel is extremely eco-friendly as it’s a green product that is 100% recyclable and isn’t coated with any harmful toxins. In fact, both the production and recycling of stainless steel is one and the same, with around 60-70% of stainless steel objects containing recycled scrap metal. So, while steel doesn’t degrade, it does continuously get reused which greatly decreases the amount of waste and energy used to make more.

The plastic pollution problems stainless steel can solve

Did you know that plastic currently outnumbers sea life by 6 to 1? Or that 50% of plastic is used only once? Or that approximately 7 million coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every day? There are many issues surrounding plastic and while it may seem all-consuming now, it’s estimated that in 10 years time the amount of plastic in our oceans will treble. The fact that a lot of it is somewhat difficult to recycle and is in so many of our everyday products doesn’t help the matter.

This is where stainless steel can come in and help to solve many of the plastic pollution problems. Stainless steel is considered to be one of the most reliable and safest materials to use, especially when it comes to building, for its strength, durability and recyclability. In fact, around 80% of all metal ever produced in the world is still around today! This is because metal was once a very valuable resource and almost never went to waste. Plus it’s much easier to recycle an infinite amount of times, unlike plastic which can only really be recycled 2-3 times.

With more and more people turning to stainless steel alternatives, such as steel straws instead of plastics straws, we’re definitely moving in the right direction and becoming a lot more eco-friendly and aware of the dangers that plastic poses to our planet.

How to reduce plastic pollution with Greens Steel

At Greens Steel we’re fully committed to protecting the earth by minimising waste, reusing wherever possible and set an example to those around us by making a conscious effort to reduce plastic pollution.

Here are just a few ways that you can help reduce plastic pollution with us:

1. Use reusable rugged water bottle

Almost 20 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every year, they’re actually the most commonly found items on beaches. Instead of continuing to buy water, investing in a stainless steel water bottle will be a much more eco-friendly choice. Not only are our bottles reusable, durable and easy to clean, they’re also corrosion-free so they’ll last for many, many years to come.

2. Use a reusable coffee cup

Using a stainless steel tumbler will not only be good for the planet as it will reduce the amount of waste, but will ensure your drinks stay at their optimum temperature too. Plus, these days many coffee shops offer incentives and rewards when you bring in your own coffee cup, so it’s a win-win situation!

3. Swap out plastic straws

We all know how bad plastic straws are for the oceans and how devastating they can be to endangered sea turtles, so why keep using them when you can very easily swap them out for stainless steel straws? Stainless steel straws can be used over and over again, all you need to do is clean them out after each use and you’re ready to go again.

4. Ditch plastic cups

While plastic cups may seem convenient, whether it’s for a kids birthday party or a picnic, they cause a lot of damage to our planet as not all of them can be recycled and are often just left in a landfill. Ditching the plastic cups and opting for a pack of BPA-free, dishwasher safe, reusable stainless steel cups is a much better choice for you and the planet.

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