How to Personalise a Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Tumbler Mug

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If you’re looking to really make your stainless steel water bottle your own, then personalising it is a great option. Adding your name, your favourite quote, an image or logo will make your bottle stand out from the rest. Plus, it’d be a fun activity to get the creative juices flowing!

Reasons why to personalise your Greens Steel drinkware

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Here are the top 4 reasons why we think you should personalise your Greens Steel water bottle:

  • It’ll be unique - You can guarantee no one else will have a water bottle just like yours.
  • It won’t get mixed up with others - Having your name or some other personal design on the bottle will make it much harder to lose or misplace.
  • Good for business - Whether it’s for a company Christmas party, for new starters, or just because, personalising water bottles for your employees with the company logo and their name will make it even more special for them. Plus, you’ll be getting a little bit more brand exposure too. Win-win!
  • It’s fun - If you’re in a crafty mood personalising your stainless steel bottle is a fun and easy activity you can do either alone or with others. Invite your friends around, or spend a lazy, Sunday afternoon with your partner customising your water bottles. If you have children it’d also be a great activity to keep them busy too.

Top personalisation ideas for your stainless steel bottle or mug

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Essentially you can personalise your stainless steel bottle or mug however you want. But, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas take a look at the list below for some inspiration.

  • Your name
  • A meaningful date
  • Your favourite quote
  • A funny line from a TV show or movie
  • Your brand logo
  • Your favourite animal
  • A sign or symbol that’s significant to you
  • Your own artwork
  • A musical instrument you love
  • Your sports team logo
  • Your favourite fictional character
  • The name of your favourite band
  • Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or any other holiday-related design.

How to personalise your stainless steel bottle with your name

Personalising your stainless steel bottle with your name couldn’t be easier! With so many incredible designs available on sites like Etsy or Amazon, you can choose any style and colour water bottle decal and customise it to include your name, which you can then apply to your bottle at home

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Your chosen decal
  • Weeding vinyl pick
  • Transfer tape
  • Squeege


  1. First of all, you’ll want to clean the outside of the bottle with rubbing alcohol and a cloth. This will ensure that any dirt, oils or grease from fingers is removed.
  2. Then, using the weeding pick, you’ll need to carefully cut out the decal from the vinyl.
  3. Lay the transfer tape over the vinyl and use the squeegee to rub over the tape to make sure it transfers properly.
  4. Peel off the backing of the vinyl and your decal should then be fully transferred to the tape.
  5. Line up the tape on the bottle, making sure it’s straight and even, before placing it.
  6. Once you’re happy with the placement, use the squeegee again to rub the sticker onto the bottle until it’s properly adhered.
  7. Slowly peel off the transfer tape and your name decal should now be on your water bottle!

Leave the decal to cure for around 48-72 hours to make sure the decal sticks really well. You don’t want to get the bottle wet during this time so patience is very important!

Ways to make this the perfect after school activity for kids

A child's drawing and stainless steel water bottle

Personalising a stainless steel water bottle for kids is the perfect after school activity to keep children happy and occupied. Not only will it allow their imaginations to run wild and teach them new skills, but it’ll also encourage them to drink more water if the bottle has got a fun, unique, eye-catching design that they made themselves and are proud of. Using glitter, decals and 3D stickers will have your kids always showing off their customised bottle in the playground!

Learn more ways on how to encourage your kids to drink more water.

Also, make sure to properly clean out your stainless steel water bottle after every use to keep away germs and bacteria in just 3 easy steps.