How to Make a 5-Year Plan & Execute It

Imagine Your Ideal Self in 5 Years

For starters, dream big. Try to imagine what your ideal self might look like in five years by asking:

  • Where you might be living
  • What you might be doing
  • Who you might associate with
  • The money you’ll be making
  • What you can afford to buy
  • and more...

All of these introspective questions will help you figure out where you want to be in five years, without getting tangled up in obstacles or doubts. Because you can’t make a plan without a goal!

Write Down a List

To better solidify your goals for your five-year self, write down a list with as many specific details as possible.

Details help to color the dream you’ve just imagined, and can help you break down your larger goals into more manageable objectives.

A powerful connection happens when we write things down on paper, so it’s a great way to trick your mind into thinking “And so it is written, and so it shall be done!”

Ignore Any Doubts

As you get some momentum, you’ll probably experience a few doubts, particularly if your goals seem far away or unreachable.

So why do these doubt spring up in the first place? Simply put, our brains are wired to protect us from danger. Unfortunately, they can sometimes misinterpret our fears as being life-threatening...

Even if that “perceived danger” is simply some jitters about launching into a new project, our desire to run in the opposite direction can be overwhelming! But don’t worry, it’s in everyone's DNA, and it just takes a little life hack to overcome:

Reassuring yourself through these moments of doubt is as simple as giving yourself an anchor thought that will power you through the tough times.

Try visualizing yourself celebrating after you’ve achieved your goal, and it’ll put the wind in your sails once more.

Set an achievable One-Year Plan

Now that you have your five-year plan set in stone, it’s time to start taking action.

Even the most ambitious people have trouble meeting lofty expectations. To make things more manageable, break down your five-year plan into 5 one-year plans.

Short-term goals are much more achievable and can seem more tangible than your distant dreams.

For example, if your goal is to be an attorney, start with the one-year goal of getting accepted into law school.

Break Down Big Goals Into Smaller Ones

Have you ever heard the expression; “How do you eat an elephant? ...One bite at a time.”

This funny sentiment rings true when it comes to breaking your big dreams down into approachable, achievable parts.

Get creative and start by thinking of ONE small action you can do today that will put you a step ahead on the path to your aspirations.