How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

4 Ways to Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

Getting our kids to drink enough water can be an uphill battle in many households. Not only are sugary drink options packing unnecessary calories into their daily allowances, but they’re not providing the pure hydration your child needs to feel energized and alert, or for all their growing organs to develop properly.

How to get your kids to drink more water

Alarming results from recent studies have reported that
as many as 1 in 5 children don’t touch a drop of pure water on any given day. Kids expend a lot of moisture through their regular activities, so it’s critical to teach them how much water we need to drink to stay healthy, at a young age. Starting healthy habits early on and training your kids’ taste buds to prefer the taste of water is the best way to set your family up for success.

Here, we share some sure-fire tips that’ll get your kids reaching for the H20, and drinking enough water for that much-needed hydration they need to fuel their active little lives!

Jazz Up Water With Some Yummy Flavorings

Kids love flavor! When competing with sweetened beverages such as sodas, juices, and sports drinks... Plain water can seem rather boring in comparison to a child’s sensitive taste buds.

Try adding some delicious and colorful natural additions to your kids’ water to make it exciting and add a twist of tempting flavor that’ll have them coming back for more.

Make It Fun:

Make It Fun:

We’re sure you’ll love trying these fun new ways to encourage your family to drink more water… Our bet is that in not time at all, your smallest family members will actually be the ones challenging you to match their water intake... Let the games begin!

Fefe | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor