Fill Your BEAST With These 5 Productivity-Boosting Coffee Alternatives

Most of us are so used to filling up our coffee mugs with another 12 (or more!) ounces of caffeine-soaked elixir that we do it automatically when we’ve got a lot on our plates. 

While coffee is undoubtedly great, its stimulating properties often cause your adrenal glands to produce excessive stress hormones, which can be a huge roadblock to getting things done.

If you’ve ever pounded a coffee in an effort to get the million things on your list started - yet found yourself feeling even more frazzled and overwhelmed - you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!  

Managing our adrenal release with non-jittery coffee alternatives can actually help boost productivity in a powerful way. They do so by making you feel focused, alert, and yet calm. 

Luckily, cutting down on stress whilst getting that boost of energy to stick to the task at hand is totally achievable. You can unleash just as much drive and avoid afternoon jitteriness, plus avoid adrenal burnout and prevent difficulty sleeping at night, by trying several coffee alternatives instead. 

Here's the Top 5 things you can put in your BEAST to increase your productivity and energy without the drawbacks of traditional coffee:

5. Vitamin b Supplements

B vitamins are among the most important for overall energy, especially vitamin B12.

In fact, our bodies use vitamin B12 to break down the food we eat into workable energy. A lot of B vitamins work in conjunction with one another, so taking a quality B Complex supplement can be a great way to improve your productivity and general energy across the board.

You may also want to look into B vitamin supplements if you work out regularly, as this can improve your exercise performance and your muscle gains.

Liquid Vitamin B formulations are a highly bioavailable way to get your energy boost. Simply squeeze a dropper full into some juice or water in your BEAST to put that nourished and alert spring in your step!

4. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is an incredibly popular alternative to coffee. It’s a type of green tea that can improve your metabolism plus give you extra health benefits from antioxidants, which neutralize free radical molecular damage.

A single cup of matcha tea contains around 35 mg of caffeine, which is about a third as potent as a regular cup of coffee. This makes it a great, healthy choice for folks who normally get a little jittery after drinking a double espresso!

3. Dandelion Coffee

For those of us who can’t quite kick our coffee habit, switch out that afternoon brew with a dandelion root coffee instead. With its deep, roasty flavor similar to coffee, your taste buds won’t be screaming out for the familiar cup ‘o Joe you’re craving.

While they lack the caffeine-hit of their coffee bean cousins, dandelion coffee drinks are packed full of body-fueling trace minerals that support adrenal functions and provide a boost of energy. 

2. Nuts and Fruits

How about a snack instead of another cup of tea for your productivity push? Nuts and fruits are the best energy-boosting choice you can make – there's a reason these are included in every bag of trail mix!

Nuts include lots of B vitamins and other minerals, both of which can improve your body’s energy conversion rate and general health.

Fruit contains antioxidants plus more vitamins in addition to sugar: therefore, fruits like raisins, apples, and oranges are great to give your body a brief energy boost without the caffeine crash or stress increase.

1. Water

Wait... water?! That's right – sometimes the best way to boost your productivity and energy is to drink some ice-cold water.

Turns out, lots of us may be a little dehydrated without actually knowing it.

Giving your body some water can boost mental clarity and even increase your physical performance, allowing you to unleash the beast within during athletic competitions or your next workout at the gym. 

As you can see, there are lots of alternatives you can and should pursue, particularly if coffee makes you feel a bit shaky or gives you an impending sense of doom when you’re faced with a jam-packed to-do list! 

Fill your BEAST Tumbler with these focus-zooming, energy-peaking alternatives next time you’ve got some moves to make with a calm, cool and collected mind! 

Justin | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Maine, USA


Fuel up your drive with a BEAST full of energizing goodness (minus the jitters…)