Cool Facts About Ditching the Single Use Water Bottle

Spread the Word, Bottled Water is Bad!

Here are some great things you should know to help you make the switch from water bottled in plastic that you only use once (single-use plastics.)

Did you know that all plastic that has been made exists in some form on our planet for hundreds of years? So all of those plastic water bottles that you use; well, they are using vital resources, existing on the planet forever, and potentially leaching bad stuff into the water you paid for! Not to worry; it's not cool to carry bottled water anymore and here's why!

  1. Tap water is 1000+ times less expensive than bottled water. WAIT, WHAT?
  2. Most tap water is more heavily tested and regulated than bottled water.
  3. Our reusable tumblers or water bottles have a seriously higher cool factor than single-use plastic.
  4. The right container will keep them cold for you waaaaayyyy longer than any single-use plastic bottle ever could.
  5. No gross toxins leaching into your water (as long as you don’t replace plastic with plastic! Stick with our stainless steel.)
  6. You will inspire others to stop using single-use water bottles.
  7. You will change the world.