7 Tips to Stay Hydrated When You Hate Water

If you hate water, staying hydrated can be a nightmare. However, there is plenty that you can do to stay hydrated without water, or make water taste better so that you don’t have to shudder every time you take a sip.

To help you discover the best ways to hydrate yourself when you hate water, take a look at our handy guide to getting enough H2O.

1. Try coconut water

Coconut water is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, and is a great way to hydrate yourself when you hate water. The taste of coconut water is a bit sweeter and more flavourful than ordinary water, yet it hydrates you and fills you with powerful electrolytes that can boost energy and replace lost salts.

There are plenty of coconut water recipes out there that can help you to tailor it to a taste you love, including chocolate protein coconut water, coconut water with berries and coconut water with lemon.


Stay hydrated when you hate water by adding a bit of juice to the water. This should help you to enjoy the taste more, and forget that you’re actually replenishing your body’s supply of water. Orange juice, pineapple juice and cordial make great additions to water to give some flavour and keep you hydrated when you hate the taste of water on its own.


This is where a soda stream comes in very handy! Drinking carbonated water will help you forget that you’re drinking water and will make your hydrating beverage feel more like a treat than a chore. You can buy carbonated sparkling water from most super markets, but be sure to try and get it in a carton or glass as opposed to a plastic bottle wherever possible


Infusing water can be an easy way to boost the taste of your drink whilst staying hydrated. You can infuse water with tea, berries, lemon, cucumber and much more to make the taste more enjoyable and ensure that you’re able to drink enough H2O throughout the day.

The great news is that by adding these ingredients you could be making your water even healthier! For example, lemon is great for cleansing the liver and aiding digestion and ginger can be a healthy, flavourful addition that also aids digestion.


Iced water is so much more delicious than normal water for a start, but if you really want to make things more exciting, you can create flavoured ice cubes and add them in.

Getting creative with ice cubes can be fun, and freezing pure fruit juice can give you a delicious ice cube alternative that will keep you drinking water.


If you really can’t face drinking more water, then eating hydrating foods is the next best thing. Foods like watermelon, cucumber and leafy greens are full of water that will keep you hydrated. Whilst they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for drinking water, they can give you a hydration boost on days when you really don’t want to drink water.


Drinking tea and coffee isn’t always recommended as coffee especially can make your body release water which makes you more dehydrated. However, if you’re drinking tea without caffeine then this can be a great way to boost your hydration and take on more water.

Green tea, lemon and ginger tea, peppermint tea and fruity teas are a great option for someone who wants to stay hydrated but hates water.

Staying hydrated is really important to overall health, and as we all know if we don’t drink enough water it can be really bad for our bodies. To stay hydrated when you hate water is no easy task, however hopefully these handy tips can give you a boost and help to keep you hydrated.

Another way you can motivate yourself to drink enough water when you don’t like the taste is to buy a water bottle that you love to drink from. Green Steel eco-friendly water bottles could be a great addition to your cupboard to keep you drinking your water.