6 Game-Changing Gadgets for Coffee Lovers: Travel Edition

There's certain creature comforts we must leave at home when we travel. Whether it’s the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, the familiar sound of your resident songbird in the morning, or the view of the sunset from your window in the evenings, every one of us have favourite parts of our routine that we miss when we fly from the nest. 

After all, that’s part of the charm and adventure in traveling– lifting us out of our comfort zone, opening our minds and expanding our experiences. However, as any seasoned traveler would know, traveling can really add up in the bucks department - especially for those of us that can’t give up our coffee fix!

Of course, checking out the coffee culture of a city is a fun way to explore your new surroundings. Relying solely on pricey cafés, however (don’t even consider the instant swill water served at the complimentary continental breakfast!) can make a huge dent on your vacay budget. So, what’s a coffee connoisseur to do?

Don't panic, just pack these 6 portable coffee-making gadgets and flavour-boosters so you can bring the perfect cup of joe wherever you go:


Our Top Pick: Bialleti Moka Express

This classic Italian staple is for our lovers of a mean, strong cup of coffee. Brewing coffee with a level of strength and boldness that just about enters espresso territory - a portable stovetop Moka pot is the perfect solution for those wishing they could lug their expensive espresso machine with them everywhere they go!

Just add water, your favourite ground beans and a stovetop for incredible espresso anywhere you need it. 


Our Top Pick: HARIO V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper

Perfect for going camping or throwing in your suitcase, a plastic pour-over coffee dripper is as convenient and lightweight as it is simple to use.

All you need are some paper coffee filters handy, access to hot water, and ground coffee (of course) and you’re all set to pour over into any vessel, or even directly into your mug! Speaking of which, you’ll also need…


Our Top Pick: The Greens Steel Double Insulated Coffee Tumbler

From catching early flights to taking leisurely strolls on the town, bringing your own coffee can save you both time and money when traveling on a budget. Level up from those flimsy disposable coffee cups provided by the hotel and get yourself a reusable, portable coffee mug with a handle for taking that cup on the go. 

Thermally-insulated to keep your coffee hot for over 12 hours, the Greens Steel Coffee Mug is the perfect companion to any coffee enthusiast on their gallavants. Featuring a 100% leak proof lid and a carrying handle, your coffee is safe to embark on any adventure with this travel mug. Get yours here


Our Staff Favourites: Popbar Hot Chocolate Sticks - Dark, Milk & Vanilla White Chocolate  

Like your coffee on the chocolatey side? Yeah, so do we! These super-portable hot chocolate bombs are individually wrapped and designed for custom-mixed mochas on the go. Simply dunk these indulgent chocolate blocks into your hot coffee and stir until melted with the attached stick - you're just a few moments away from a thick, rich, luxurious mocha coffee, with no risk of syrups and powders leaking in your luggage!

These babies can even elevate that bland old hotel-lobby coffee if it's all you can get your hands on - so best to stash a couple of these in your bag for travel days when you need a yummy wake-up call in the early hours! 


Our Top Pick:  JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder  

As sleek as it is savvy, a handheld coffee grinder adds an air of sophistication and passion to your coffee game. Coffee purists swear by the homogenous grinds and unbeatable freshness produced by a manual grinder, not to mention the therapeutic factor of grinding your beans by hand.

With this compact hand-crank model, there's no need to wait till the end of your trip to enjoy those locally-grown beans you picked up at the artisan roaster! Get ready to unlock the purest coffee aromas, no matter where in the world you're looking for a caffeine fix. 


Our Top Pick: The Greens Steel BEAST 40oz

Jet lag or a busy itinerary got your energy levels fading? Adventures require plenty of vitality, and this massive insulated tumbler has got your back. Perk up with a cup to-go in your stainless steel BEAST Tumbler, vacuum insulated to keep your coffee hot or cold for hours to come.

The largest size BEAST can hold an entire French press at 40 ounces, perfect for stowing in the mini fridge for some refreshing iced coffee to perk up after that midday siesta. The possibilities are endless. 

BONUS: An Ergonomic Tumbler Handle

Our Top Pick: Greens Steel's Universal Handle

Turn your insulated tumbler into an easy-sip mug with a removable handle. These ergonomic handles feature a sturdy comfort grip, and come in 3 sizes to universally fit almost any travel tumbler on the market. Grab yours here and get a grip on travel-friendly caffeination!

So, fellow adventurers and avid coffee drinkers, don’t miss a day with these handy travel-friendly coffee gadgets. Carpe diem!

Maggie Johnson | Greens Steel Coffee Connoisseur


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