4 Surprising Things You Can Put In Your BEAST Tumbler (Besides Water!)

We love drinking water... But just like us, our travel mugs can use a bit of a shake-up and some variety too!

Did you know that with your Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler, you don’t have to limit your options to simply water and coffee… This versatile high-achiever can take on anything from a comforting hot lunch on the go, to your favorite sunset tiki drink- Without skipping a beat. 

Because life doesn’t slow down, and our taste buds don’t either: Here’s 4 things you can put in your BEAST Tumbler, besides water!

4. soup, stews, rice & pasta

There’s nothing quite as reassuring as a hot meal to punctuate your day.

Whether you’re out hiking and have a hot mug of homemade chili to look forward to at the summit, or are dealing with a particularly hectic day at the office and can’t wait to dive into some relief in the form of mac and cheese... The BEAST Tumbler will have your comfort food hot and ready whenever you are.

Even better than back in the good old days when mum would send us off to school with a thermos of soup or some fried rice for lunch; these days we have the technology of thermal insulation in cup form. So you just have to pack a spoon, and be limited in your portable hot lunch choices only by your imagination.

Sometimes we don’t have access to a microwave where we’re headed, but would love to indulge in some warm leftover minestrone or mashed potatoes come lunchtime. No problem with the Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler:

  • First, fill up your empty tumbler to the halfway mark with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. This allows some heat with real staying power to get deep into the double-walled steel, which will guarantee maximum heat retention and a steaming hot lunch later. 

  • Next, simply tip out the water and then pour your delicious hot lunch into the mug, sealing it up with the spill-resistant lid. And you're all set!

3. smoothies, shakes & juices

For the health-kickers among us, breakfast and lunch often come in liquid form. And for us busy fitness fans, we’re drinking it on the go.

Smoothies and juices that are jam-packed with whizzed fruit and veggies can oxidize quickly if exposed to the air, getting an unappealing brown layer on the top. We can handle a green smoothie… But a shake that turns brown (and isn’t chocolate flavored!) has us really turning up our noses and reaching for something unhealthy instead.

Keep your healthy liquid lunch still looking, tasting and smelling fresh well past noon by sealing it tightly in your BEAST Tumbler.

The vacuum-sealed, spill-resistant lid preserves the vibrancy and vitamin content in your fruit and veggie smoothies, that would have lost their nutrients and appeal after just a short exposure to the air and light.

While we’re on the topic of liquid lunches, meal replacements and protein shakes… You’ll know the importance of keeping them cold. They’re thick, and are densely packed with richness and nutrients... So shakes are definitely not the kind of drink that one can quickly chug.

You’re going to want it to stay chilled and appetizing for as long as it takes to get it down; and often that takes a while, if you’re drinking it during your commute or morning errands. (If you’ve ever had a sip of a lukewarm protein shake after letting it sit in your car’s cup holder for too long, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!)

2. your favourite barista brew

If you’re a devotee of a good coffee shop run and you love getting your caffeine jolt the fancy way with all the bells and whistles: Try taking your Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler to the cafe counter next time.

Your barista can craft you a magical caffeine creation and swirl up some beautiful latte art on top of your coffee fix to-go. If you’re a true coffee purist- and I think all coffee drinkers will agree with me on this- There’s something so much more delicious in the experience of drinking a great coffee out of a real cup, that leaves those flimsy disposable to-go cups from the cafe in the dust.

You’ll be saving on paper and plastic waste when you get your hot mocha or frozen frappuccino in your reusable tumbler… And with the BEAST’s double-walled vacuum insulation, your cappuccino will stay hot and your iced espresso will stay chilled for hours.   

1. cocktails!

No sunset picnic, boat ride, or fireworks show in summer is complete without a refreshing cocktail to help you celebrate the simple pleasures of life. Keep your sangria, mojito or long island icy-cold for hours, without freezing your hand off.

Be a traveling mixologist when you shake up your cocktail transportation options with the Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

The BEAST's sweat-free, powder-coated exterior will keep your libation firmly in your hand and prevent drippy condensation forming on the outside, so it won’t slip out of your grip no matter where cocktail hour takes you.

The double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation keeps your favorite tipple chilled and refreshing for hours, plus its spill-resistant lid means you won’t have to worry about a bug taking a hiccup-inducing swim in your margarita, or any sand getting into your tiki cocktail on the beach.

Tote your fruity summer refreshers in your BEAST Tumbler, for the perfect sunset cocktails in the great outdoors. So you can put your feet up, say cheers, and watch the world go by as you sip on the frostiest to-go pina colada ever. That’s the spirit! 

No matter what sort of refreshments you need to fuel your adventures, pour them into your versatile Greens Steel Stainless Steel BEAST Tumbler so you can enjoy breakfast or lunch on the fly, a much-needed caffeine fix, or a celebratory wine that'll stay fresh and at the perfect temperature, all day or night long!

Cheers to that,

Fefe | Greens Steel Thirsty Traveler

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