4 Clever Uses for Your Greens Steel Water Bottle

How will it revolutionize your adventures?  

You’ve already heard how superior our water bottles are, constructed with seamless BPA and toxin-free 18/8 stainless steel.

Plus, you already know they’re the best of their kind on the market, and you really shouldn’t leave the house without it if you want to stay hydrated in style. 

The perks don’t stop there, however. With Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottles, the possibilities are endless. 

Check out some of our favorite creative ways to use these nifty commodities:


The double wall vacuum insulation technology is guaranteed to keep hot things hot and cold things cold... And that goes for food as well.

You won’t need to trust your lunch to the public refrigerator or wait for the microwave again.

While chunkier meals like pasta and rice might be better suited for our wider-rimmed Beast Tumbler, foods like soups and smoothies are good to go!


Unleash your inner mixologist! Throw in your favorite spirit and mixer, some ice, and get to shakin’.

With our leak-proof screw lid, you can rest assured that your precious cargo is going nowhere (besides in your Greens Steel cup, of course!).

Just be sure to save the spraying action for when you’re popping the champagne- wait to add any carbonated beverages into your Greens Steel bottle until after you shake. 


Despite how tough these bottles are, they’re surprisingly lightweight

Ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your grasp, bring yours along for crisper, more refreshing water breaks in the gym, on the road, or wherever your jog takes you.

They’re sweat-proof too, thanks to their grippy powder-coated exterior, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands as you shred that asphalt.


Made with premium stainless steel, these bottles are rugged enough to bring along on all of your adventures… Whether that be trailblazing on foot, mountain biking through terrain, or even catching some waves!

Paddle boarder-approved, these bottles also come with a complimentary rubber ring and carabiner, making your switch to hands-free a breeze. Surf’s up!

So there you have it. The sky’s the limit! If you haven’t gotten yourself one of these bad boys yet, you’re truly missing out.

After exploring the possibilities that await our durable and versatile Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottles , we’re confident you won’t ever need to invest in another water bottle again. 

Cheers to that! We can’t wait to see what sort of adventures you bring your bottle on next. 

Maggie J | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor