4 Big Reasons Why You Need the Monster 40oz BEAST in Your Life

At Greens Steel, we don’t just make drinkware – we make premium drinkware for life that effortlessly accompanies you on all your adventures (and has the capacity to keep up with your level of thirst!)

We know some days require an extra large serving of coffee or whatever elixir powers your drive. So naturally, to keep up with the most demanding of schedules, the massive 40oz BEAST was born!

This enormous tumbler takes XXL drinks up a notch, providing the ultimate performance never seen before in such scaled-up drinkware. 

Though it is mighty, it’s still everything you could want in a premium tumbler: It maintains all the perks of our pint-sized drinkware, but maxes out the capacity so you can enjoy a perfect sip right to the last drop, no matter how big your pour.

Whether you’ve got a list of errands that’s longer than last year’s family reunion, a hike that will take you over the hills and far away, or a coffee-fueled road trip with an all-nighter drive... The 40oz BEAST is up to the task.

Still not convinced you should supersize and grab yourself a whopping 40oz BEAST? Here’s 4 BIG reasons why you need this tumbler in your life:


While some of the larger drinkware varieties see you sacrificing features in order to stash those extra sips, the 40oz BEAST takes its mega size in its stride without skipping a beat.

Never willing to settle for less, its brash and bold capacity doesn’t flinch at the extra work it takes to keep your drink piping hot or icy chilled all day. It’s packing all the features of our smaller tumblers that you’ve come to expect, just in supersize.

And the best part? All the coffee you need to get you through the day is right there in one cup...No more fumbling with those ugly, old-fashioned coffee flasks where you have to pour your brew into the dinky detachable lid to drink it - one thimble at a time. (You know the ones, like your grandpa used to take for a day working on the railroads.)

Leave the antique drinkware to gather dust at the yard sale; the 40oz BEAST says you can look stylish and enjoy max convenience while staying caffeinated.

Here’s what you’ll get with this absolute BEAST of a tumbler:

  • Mega Capacity
  • Unparalleled Temperature  Retention
  • Keeps Your Drink Hot or Cold for 12hrs
  • Sweat-Free Exterior Splash Proof Lid
  • Seamless Vacuum Design
  • Optional Ergonomic Handle


We’ve all been there... You buy yourself a Titanic-sized travel mug that seems big enough to hold all the coffee you need for your busy day. You fill it up on the first morning (you’re running a little late, of course) and dash out the door for its maiden voyage. You jump in the car, go to pop it in the cup holder… And it won’t fit. Perfect. There’s no time to spare, so you pull out of the driveway, perching it haphazardly between your knees and praying that you won’t be wearing a lapful of coffee at the next corner.

If only someone would design a large mug that would actually fit in a cup holder. Well, the 40oz BEAST is already two steps ahead.

Even though it’s enormous, those clever designers still understood that life can sometimes get in the way of a convenient ride, and they got out ahead of it. With its specially designed tapered base, this badboy fits in just about any cup holder you can imagine.

The 3” base slides snugly into the cup holder, no matter where your life takes you:

  • In the car
  • On the boat
  • Catching a flight
  • Riding your bike
  • Taking the baby out in the stroller
  • Watching a movie


Ever worked in an office with that one person who seems to “pop out for coffee” more than anyone else, yet also happens to get the least amount of work done? We all know what they need as their Secret Santa gift this year... The 40oz BEAST should be at the top of that list.

Or perhaps you’re the one whose productivity is lagging? If your drink always runs dry at the most inopportune moment, you can cut down on refill breaks with this monster-sized tumbler. Top up your BEAST and power through your next 3 appointments without being interrupted by a desperate dash for caffeine.

Better yet, skip the lunch line and pack your insulated tumbler with a hot meal you can look forward to. This meal-sized BEAST has your back for toting hot soups, pasta and rice so you can enjoy your leftovers even without a microwave.

Boost your productivity with the BEAST:

  • Fill it up once and sip all day
  • No more lost hours rushing to the cafe
  • Pack your hot lunch to go
  • Stay hydrated all day on the other side of campus


If you’re one of us “on-the-go” or “out-of-office” types, the 40oz BEAST is a no-brainer.

When you leave the house for the morning, it might be the last time you see a kitchen before dinnertime… And let’s face it, you’re going to need some liquids between now and then.

Luckily, each 40oz BEAST tumbler uses double insulated vacuum-sealed walls and copper lining to keep your XL drink the intended temperature, no matter how long you’re out and about for. Thanks to this design, it’s almost impossible for heat to get in or out: perfect for top-tier temperature regulation.

The massive 40oz BEAST will keep you in the clear when it comes to running out of your favorite drink before you get to a spot you can grab a refill. Plus, it keeps things fresh and delicious the whole time, so you can enjoy 12 hours of hot coffee and chilled smoothies.

You’ll love it if you’re:

  • A tradesman who spends all day on the jobsite
  • A freelancer who bounces from client consult to coworking space
  • A parent whose car should really have a “Mom’s Taxi” bumper sticker
  • An outdoorsy type who goes fishin’, hits the beach, or takes the boat out
  • A hiker who prefers the long path less traveled
  • A student whose lectures are fueled by a LOT of coffee

If you’ve got an XXL thirst, have a jam-packed schedule, or just REALLY love coffee, you need the 40oz BEAST in your life.

While it’s mighty in size, it’s also stacked high with premium features. At Greens Steel, we’re all about making your life easier, and the 40oz BEAST is here to do the heavy lifting.

Fefe | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Sheffield, UK


Let the new 40oz BEAST do the heavy lifting on your busy day...

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