15 Weird Things to Watch Out For This Winter

The winter season brings holidays, celebrations, and beautiful snowscapes if you live in the right part of the country...  But it also brings plenty of weird things, such as oddities in our environment and bodies that can give us a case of the winter blues if we don’t watch out!

Keep an eye out for these 15 weird things you might encounter this winter, and get a jump on them with these handy tips:

15. Car Troubles

Car troubles become more prevalent in winter, especially if your area gets very cold. From icy road closures to engines that won’t start, it’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected.

 THE FIX:  Be sure to keep your car stocked with jumper cables, extra warm clothes and plenty of drinking water so you won’t be left out in the cold if your car gets stuck somewhere.

14. Insanely Dry Lips

Our bodies can react strangely to the winter. Specifically, you might find that you’re licking your lips all day. That’s because your lips easily become dry due to the decreased humidity in wintertime air.

 THE FIX:  Boost your hydration from within by drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. To further stave off cracked, chapped lips, regularly slather on a good-quality natural lip balm.

13. Unexpected Sunburn

You could be forgiven for thinking you can skip the sunscreen in winter, but if your holiday time takes you to the mountains skiing, be sure to pack your SPF. Sunlight reflecting off snow is magnified up to 80%, as well as higher elevations in sea level taking you even closer to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

 THE FIX: Avoid being that person with the weird ski goggle tan lines and be sure to slather all your uncovered skin with sunscreen!


Don’t be surprised if your teeth generally feel a bit more sensitive during the winter months, especially if you’re outside a lot. The cold air making contact with your teeth when you talk can increase the sensitivity of your nerve endings.

 PRO TIP:  If you’re prone to any sharp or shooting tooth pain, try switching to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth till the weather warms up.

11. High Blood Sugar Levels

Some folks experience high blood sugar levels during intensely cold weather, so take care if you are a diabetic and limit your exposure to the cold by bundling up each time you go outside.

 THE FIX: It goes without saying that we should all keep an eye on our sweets consumption during the festive season, whether we suffer from blood sugar issues or not!

10. Unexplained Slimming Down?!

Other people might find that they actually lose a few pounds even during holiday feasting, which can come as a surprise. That’s because the body burns more calories when it’s cold outside, so you might lose some weight without even meaning to.

 PRO TIP:  If you struggle to keep weight on, up your intake of healthy fats during the cooler months with plenty of nuts, seeds and avocado. And if you're trying to cut a few pounds, rejoice in the natural cold-weather weight loss acceleration! 

9. Freak Migraines

On the downside, you might experience more headaches or migraines than usual. That’s because blood vessels in your head are constricting, leading to mild to severe headaches.

 THE FIX: Keep up your winter hydration and get plenty of rest to avoid a ruined afternoon in bed with a thumping head!

8. Easily-Pulled Muscles & Sprains

Because of a similar physical process with your blood vessels constricting in the cold, your muscles might feel tighter this winter than usual.

 THE FIX: Be sure to stretch and warm up to avoid any sprains or pulled muscles, even before light physical exertion. And be extra thorough by limbering up before shoveling snow or hitting the slopes. (You might even consider treating yourself to a massage to keep your muscles supple!)

7. Arthritis Symptoms

If you have arthritis, you might notice your symptoms flare up from time to time because of the cold.

 THE FIX: To avoid arthitic pain and stiffness, avoid extended time outside, dress in plenty of warm layers and try massaging your affected areas with warm oil to fend off pesky inflammation.

6. Winter Wrinkles

Since your skin becomes drier in winter, you might also find that you get more wrinkles. Don’t worry; these should fade away with the coming of spring when the atmosphere gets more humid and your skin plumps up again.

 PRO TIP:  Until then, it's a good idea to nourish your skin with an extra emollient moisturizer to prevent any deep creases taking hold.

5. Snow Blindness

If your area gets a lot of snow, be sure to wear sunglasses! Snow blindness is a real hazard and can make driving hazardous.

 THE FIX: When you’re out on snowy roads, be extra cautious around other drivers for this reason, keeping an eye on what’s around you so you can give them a bit of extra stopping distance if required.

4. Worsened Asthma

If you have asthma, you might find that your symptoms get worse as your lungs work harder to warm up the air you inhale. 

 THE FIX: Try to limit your time outdoors and wear a neck gaiter to trap some warm air near your face.

3. Depression Symptoms

Many folks are vitamin D deficient in the winter since we spend more time indoors, and the shorter, greyer days can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder. All this can lead to mild depressive symptoms, so be sure to keep the winter blues at bay by basking in a sunny windowsill or getting out for a midday walk!

 PRO TIP:  You can also invest in a Vitamin D light therapy lamp if you live in a gloomy area.

2. Trouble Sleeping

The low levels of daylight in winter can mess with our circadian rhythms, which could mean that you have difficulty sleeping at your regular time.

 PRO TIP: Getting plenty of exercise during the day and establishing a good bedtime routine can help usher in a good night’s sleep, especially when the dreary days roll into long nights.

1. Dehydration

Lots of people don’t drink enough water in winter since they don’t feel as thirsty when the weather's cool, but this can lead to lethargy and a host of other unpleasant things. Don’t forget to stay hydrated to boost your immune system, encourage healthy digestion of all that yummy holiday food, and keep hair and skin healthy.

 THE FIX: With a handy and portable Greens Steel Water Bottle by your side, you’ll stay energized, healthy and hydrated all winter long! 

Weird stuff, huh? Luckily, there’s no need to dread the upcoming chilly months if you get out ahead of some of winter’s biggest aggressors.

We hope you banish the winter blues this year and enjoy a fun, healthy festive season with these clever tricks!

Justin | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor
Sheffield, UK


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