10 Life-Changing Coffee Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

We can’t resist a good "life hack", especially ones that promise to elevate our coffee game to the next level! 

So, in search of ways to achieve the ultimate coffee-sipping experience, we  consulted the experts for the best tips and tricks around. And let me tell you, we tapped into a whole new world of coffee knowledge we can't wait to share with you.

From preparation pointers that bring out the best flavour and reduce the bitterness in your beans, to some weird methods that help you unlock the most energy out of each invigorating brew - you're about to enjoy coffee a whole lot more!

Consider yourself a serious coffee aficionado? You might want to brace yourself: These 10 genius hacks are about to take your coffee-making and imbibing habits to the next level...

10. let Your Coffee ‘Bloom’

French press loyalists, this one’s for you. Much like allowing a fine red wine to ‘breathe’, letting your coffee ‘bloom’ is touted as essential for brewing the perfect cup by releasing trapped CO2 gasses that create off-flavours.

Simply pour a small amount of hot water on top of the grounds and wait for it to fizz up before pouring the rest in, then give it a gentle stir before plunging.

9. Hack the Flavour Profile of Your Pour-Over

Tired of the same taste day in and day out, but don’t want the added sugars of flavoured syrups?

Spice things up by adding a dash of ground spices like cinnamon and nutmeg into your coffee grounds before brewing, or stir in some cacao powder for chocolatey flavour and a bonus antioxidant boost. 

8. Ride a Bulletproof Coffee High

A new trend in the coffee-loving community, Bulletproof coffee is basically a latte on steroids.

To make it, coffee is blended with healthy fats like grass fed butter or coconut oil for a breakfast-replacing concoction, hailed for its metabolism & energy-boosting effects, while satiating cravings and killing caffeine crashes. Try a ratio of 1tbsp of fat per 10-12 oz cup of coffee, and tweak to your liking. 


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7. French Press milk for Frothy Lattés!

No milk frother? No problem. Repurpose your French press by pouring preheated milk into it and plunging to quickly create a rich, frothy milk base. 

Next, transfer into your chosen latté vessel with your coffee (or tea, for that matter!) and enjoy a delightfully frothy brew that rivals a barista-made one.

6. Take the Edge Off With A Dash of Salt

Prefer your coffee black, but can’t quite get past the bitterness? Want to round out your brew for the smoothest sipping? Trying to cut back on unnecessary fats and sugars?

Believe it or not, a pinch of salt is actually far better for taking the edge off bitter coffee than sugar or milk!

It might sound absurd, but don’t knock it till you try it...

This science-backed hack works due to sodium ions in the salt that block bitterness receptors on our tongue. As such, your taste buds react to the salty perception as opposed to lighting up your bitter taste receptors. For this reason, scientists claim salt is even more effective at neutralizing bitter tastes than sugar!

Just don't be tempted to sub the same amount of salt for your usual sugar - Use a tiny pinch to prevent a salty cappuccino!

5. Balance Acidity with Baking Soda

Similarly, a pinch of baking soda can help neutralize the pH balance and avoid heartburn and acid reflux in especially sensitive folk. A small sprinkle should do the trick, as too much can result in a flat-tasting cup of joe.

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As counter-intuitive as it may sound, taking a power nap after a cup of coffee might just be the extra productivity boost you need to get through your to-do list!

Next time you need a serious pick-me-up and have 20 minutes to spare before your next appointment, try throwing back an espresso, setting your alarm and closing your eyes for a supercharged nap!

Because caffeine takes about 20 minutes to block the sleepy-feeling adenosine receptors in your brain, you'll catch just enough zzz's to recharge your batteries before the coffee kicks in.

Like magic, you'll wake up feeling fresh and energized! Just be sure to set your alarm for no longer than 20 minutes - this ensures you don’t slip into a deeper circadian cycle and disrupt your sleep schedule later that night.


Level up your cold brew game with this incredibly easy hack that will have you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Simply pour coffee into an ice cube tray and stick in the freezer as usual - and say goodbye to diluted iced coffee for good!

2. No Coffee Filters? No Problem.

A paper towel, napkin, or cheesecloth are all possible stand-ins in a pinch for when you run out of coffee filters!

They're an ideal handy hack to keep in your back pocket for traveling and camping.

Speaking of which, why not skip the extra coffee-making steps and cleanup with our final hack…

1. Brew Directly Into Your Travel mug

For satisfying your coffee cravings on the go, use a portable pour-over coffee dripper to brew directly into your insulated coffee mug!

The Greens Steel Coffee Mug is specially designed to accommodate pour-over coffee drippers for max convenience. Plus, it'll keep your momentum going and coffee hot for hours with its spill-proof lid, easy-sip spout and flip-up handle for simple carrying even when your hands are full!

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