10 Awesome Coffee Gadgets That Turn You Into a Home Barista

We all love coffee, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to go to a café every day, even if you hit the drive-through. Instead, why not invest in a couple of coffee gadgets for your kitchen that can turn you into a home barista?

Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also impress your friends and family with the mind-blowing coffee creations you can brew up in your very own kitchen:

10. A No-Fuss Cold Brew Maker

Our Top Pick: The Lighten Life Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Patience is a virtue when it comes to cold brew, but I promise you won’t mind waiting one bit... Especially when you see how quick and easy these all-in-one brewing jugs are to use (and taste how smooth your coffee will turn out!)

If you love your coffee chilled, these handy pitchers brew up the coffee of your dreams. Simply fill up the inner mesh filter basket with coarse-ground coffee, fill the pitcher with water to submerge the grinds, and set it in the fridge to brew for 12-24hrs. When it’s time to enjoy, the strainer on the lid catches all the coffee grounds so all you need to do is pour and enjoy! Get ready for cold brew so smooth and rich you won’t even need milk and sugar.

9. A Compact Espresso Pod Machine

Our Top Pick: The Nespresso Vertuo

Enjoy café-quality espresso shots at the push of a button with a countertop coffee pod system. While they are a small investment, these innovative espresso machines are worth every penny for discerning coffee lovers!

Their no-mess, single-serve capsules keep the coffee grounds in a sealed pod, and churn out perfect espresso shots every time with a dense, aromatic crema on top. Get ready to elevate your home coffee experience to rival that of your favourite barista brews… Zero skills required!

8. The Ultimate Insulated Coffee Cup

Our Top Pick: The Greens Steel Double Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Greens Steel’s new coffee cup is an essential for coffee lovers on the go, letting you take your homemade coffee creations with you anywhere!

These thermally-insulated coffee vessels take the shape of your favourite café to-go cups, then double down with features like an incredibly clever carry handle. Even better, they’re 100% leak proof and keep your coffee hot or cold for over 12 hours! Get yours here

7. Gourmet Flavoured Syrups

Our Staff Favourites: Monin Coffee Syrups

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a hazelnut latte or caramel frappuccino when you need a pick-me-up. Luckily for home baristas, it’s easy to transform any homemade coffee into a gourmet treat with a pump of flavoured syrup.

Grab the usual suspects like vanilla, caramel and chocolate coffee syrups in most supermarkets... Or to excite your taste buds even more, check out the huge selection of exotic flavours in gourmet food shops or online. Get creative by adding a pump of pumpkin spice, candied orange, coconut, or even lavender to your latte! Whatever flavour you choose, coffee syrups are a sure-fire way to add the wow factor to any coffee creation.

6. A Mini Milk Frother

Our Top Pick: The Nespresso Aeroccino

Any coffee connoisseur will want to get their hands on an electric milk frother to whip up cappuccinos or lattes at home! Gone are the days of having to invest in a gigantic coffee machine with a steamer spout if you want the full café experience: These space-saving mini jugs fit right on your countertop and won’t break the bank.

Most come with a built-in milk steamer for piping-hot cappuccinos in under a minute, and a cold setting if you like a dollop of chilled foam on top of your cold brew!

5. A Monster-Sized 40oz Coffee Cup

Our Top Pick: The Greens Steel BEAST 40oz

Let’s face it: Some days require an extra large serving of coffee to get you through those hours of back-to-back Zoom meetings! Naturally, the entire range of BEAST Tumblers hold their own with their coffee-centric features, but the 40-oz tumbler is king when it comes to serving size.

This absolute beast of an insulated mug holds an entire French Press full of coffee, so refill breaks are ancient history. With its stainless steel vacuum insulation, your giant coffee will stay the ideal temperature from the first sip to the very last drop!

BONUS: An Ergonomic Tumbler Handle

Turn your insulated tumbler into an easy-sip mug with a removable BEAST Handle.

These ergonomic handles feature a sturdy comfort grip, and come in 3 sizes to universally fit almost any travel tumbler on the market.

4. A Mess-Free Ground Coffee Dispenser

Our Top Pick: The Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser

After all that effort choosing your favourite coffee beans from an artisan roaster and perfecting your ideal grind, you’ll want to keep everything fresh and easy-to-access. These handy gadgets gave us a serious  ‘aha!’ moment when we saw them, doubling as an airtight coffee storage container and mess-free dispenser in one.

Simply fill up the canister with half a pound of ground coffee, hold the device over your filter basket or french press, and squeeze the handle. Each dispense measures out a tablespoon of coffee at a time, so you can get even the finest grind right into your coffee maker without spills. Your coffee will stay as fresh as the day you ground it, retaining all those delicious aromas until the last cup.

3. A Sleek & Sexy French Press

Our Top Pick: The ChefWave Artisan Series French Press

For coffee purists who crave technology-free brewing, a good old fashioned French Press elevates your morning ritual. These traditional coffee makers put you in control of the strength, brew time and volume, so you can gently draw all the delicious aromatic oils out of your coffee beans without any sediment.

Forget watery drip coffee - French Presses allow you to get much more flavour out of your chosen beans, they’re budget-friendly, and come in a range of sleek designs worthy of display on your countertop. Simply scoop in your favourite ground coffee, top with hot water, and plunge the strainer when you’re ready to pour. 

2. A Fancy Cappuccino Machine

Our Best Budget Pick: The Mr Coffee Café Barista Cappuccino Machine

If you’re feeling like a splurge, an all-in-one espresso machine and milk frother system provides automatic cappuccinos and lattes at the push of a button.

Forget watery drip coffee - French Presses allow you to get much more flavour out of your chosen beans, they’re budget-friendly, and come in a range of sleek designs worthy of display on your countertop. Simply scoop in your favourite ground coffee, top with hot water, and plunge the strainer when you’re ready to pour. 

1. Some Luxe Coffee-Scented Accessories

Our Top Picks: The Coffee Break Candle from Milkhouse Candle Co. & The Coffee Body Scrub from Le Labo

Like all professional baristas, you’re serious about your love for the bean... So why not fragrance your home and body with the luxurious aroma of coffee too?

Summon laid-back café vibes with a coffee-scented candle flickering in your kitchen, and give your morning shower a wake-up call with an invigorating body scrub packed with exfoliating coffee grounds.

I’ll take a double caramel macchiato, please...

Oops, just kidding. You sure looked like a barista from where I’m standing! Get ready for a queue forming outside your kitchen door when your friends and family realize you’ve turned your home into a café of your very own.

Brew up the best coffee creations, save a bunch of money, and enjoy the bliss of café-quality drinks whenever you please with these awesome coffee gadgets that turn you into a home barista!

Fefe | Greens Steel Coffee Connoisseur
Sheffield, USA


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